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I.T. Management & Maintenance Contracts

Unlike other computer maintenance and management firms, at Sapphire I.T. Business Solutions we believe we offer an unmatched service solution to our clients, where we have an active approach and continuous contact with our customers. Our contracts give our clients the best possible support they could ask for at very competitive pricing. Many of our existing clients treat us as their very own I.T. department, but pay a small fraction of the cost of employing a full time I.T. Professional.

We don’t just offer computer support for when things go wrong, we monitor our clients networks daily, complete preventative maintenance when we see potential issues, get involved with our clients on future projects, configure our clients user accounts for new members of staff and much much more. Then we review the work we complete with our clients and make sure they are happy with the services we give them. Do our clients receive additional invoices for any of the work we do for them? No! Here at sapphire we don’t just sign clients to contracts and hope nothing goes wrong for the next 12 months. We want our clients to know that when they sign a contract with sapphire, they know they will receive a real value AND service for their money.

Take a look at our current special offer. We’re even offering new businesses 20% discount on their 1st years support with us.


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Management Services

• Full network management of I.T Equipment
• Server monitoring
• User setup
• Profile creations
• Security & distribution group management
• Email configuration
• Software installations
• Microsoft & other application updates
• Workstation installations & configurations (labour only)
• Monitoring of backups
• Server & Workstation re-installations
• New hardware installations (labour only)
• Consultations
• Liaison with ISP’s
• Liaison with webhosting / email providers
• Domain Name renewal monitoring
• Anti Virus renewals and configurations

Maintenance Services

• Unlimited telephone support
• Unlimited remote desktop support
• Unlimited on-site support
• Rectifying of IT related issues
• Faulty hardware replacement (labour only unless • under warranty)
• Operating system issues
• Microsoft application issues
• Network issues
• 3rd party software support (where we will talk to 3rd party software vender on your behalf)
• Network cabling issues
• Network infrastructure issues (including routers, hubs, switches, patch panels etc)