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Those people who maintain a business page of their local company on Facebook have only one thing on their mind; to reach a wider set of audience. Recently Facebook launched a new feature that will index the local business, product and services that will surely provide assistance to the entrepreneurs in reaching out to the consumers. It will also help the consumer to easily find the service that they need. Facebook Professional Service is an online directory within Facebook that caters the local companies. Their goal is similar to Yelp or Trip Advisor where they ranked the best destination based on the ratings and review of the travellers. With Professional Service, the services and local businesses with the highest rating will rank higher. The goal of this latest feature is to help the consumers to find the best local companies that are offering a distinct product or services.

This is huge news for the local businesses as it can massively increase their visibility and authority online. But how do you get your local business included in this directory?

Adding a Local Business to the Facebook Professional Services

Choosing Category

To guarantee that the consumers will be able to find your local company in this directory, you have to make sure that you are in the right category and sub category. In searching for the appropriate category, you can use a distinct keyword and the system will show a category that may cater your business. For example, if you are in a house cleaning service, you can just type house cleaning and Facebook will show the related services. After finding the appropriate category got to your Facebook business page and enter the category in the Page Info that is found in the About Section.

Inputting the Detail of the Business

The entire information that is found in the Info Section will appear in the Facebook Professional Services search result. So you want to be sure that you will provide the complete details of your local business.

Enable the Ratings

To rank on the directory list, be sure to enable the ratings and check-ins. This option can be found when you edit the address of your business. Below Map Location tick the box that enables the ratings.

Contact Options

When you first created your local business page, the basic contact option will instantly be included in your profile; Contact Us-Like –Message. But as a business, you surely want something more than this. Give the consumers different ways to contact you. With Facebook you now have the option to include CTA such as sign-up, book now, call now, watch a video, shop now and others. You can also add Messaging option that will allow the possible customers to contact you directly.

Invite people to rate your page

This is probably the most important thing to do. To get a higher ranking in a type of industry you are in, you must encourage people to leave you a review and rating. Tell your friends and loved ones to leave you a short testimonials.

Finally, you should keep your Facebook business page active and updated. This will keep your audience active and engaged.

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