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VoIP packages tailored to your business needs


Multi User VoIP – Our multi user business VoIP packages is most typically used by established businesses or company start-ups with more than one employee. With the basic multi VoIP packages, we provide you with a single telephone number in the UK area code of your choice or in most instances we can also port your existing number to our service so you can continue to use your established telephone number.

What VoIP can do for your business? – Many businesses are aware of the direct cost saving potential of VoIP services. What is often less obvious is how Voice over IP can really open up possibilities to trade in new and innovative ways. As a business only VoIP provider, we focus on the areas where our service can support your business.

Making Your Business More Flexible – In order to succeed, it’s crucial for businesses to react quickly to changing market conditions and growth. With our services, your business can be mobile, with offices in any location, can grow or streamline at the touch of a button.

Reducing Your Operating Costs – It’s not all about costs – Our service can bring some tangible returns on indirect costs.

Presenting A Professional Image – You never get a second chance to make a first impression. In many cases, the first contact your customer has with your business will be over the telephone. In some businesses, this may be the only point of contact. We can help you present your business in the most professional manner, regardless of the size or structure of your organisation.

Pricing – Multi User Business VoIP packages for up to 5 users starts for as little as £5.00 per month, but there are also packages for up to 10  or unlimited users. You can also add inclusive call plans with unlimited UK landline calls for just £8.00 per month. There are alternative inclusive call plans available that include 200 or 500 UK mobile minutes.

Transfer your Number – If you like the service we provide and you would like to bring your existing numbers with you, then we can assist you in porting your numbers from your existing provider. Porting a number is the process of moving it from one provider to another. We can port numbers from most UK providers to our service. At present, porting a number will typically take around 2 weeks to complete, but this can be quicker or slower depending on a number of factors.

How it Works – Once you’ve signed up for a number with us, we provision that number on our system and then you just have to decide how you want to make and take calls. You don’t have to use VoIP to receive calls with one of our numbers. There are a few different ways of using your number. The best will depend on exactly what you’d like to get from it.

Connect to a VoIP phone or use software on your PC – To get the most out of our service, we generally recommend that you use it with a VoIP telephone. Alternatively you can also install the software application on your PC and use a headset. You then use your PC to make and answer calls.